Home to the regular pub quiz nights in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Next quiz night is at Sunset Bar on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 7.30pm (Thai time)     Next snowball prize is ฿1600

The Khon Kaen Quiz is a leisurely evening out, compiled and presented voluntarily by Paul, a British ex-pat in Khon Kaen. It is similar to a traditional British Pub Quiz but with an international audience in mind. Suitable for anyone with a good grasp of the English language, participants from different countries and backgrounds play the game and all are welcome. All ages are equally welcome.

Brief History

Paul first hosted a quiz night in Khon Kaen on 23rd March 2006 in Leo's Bar (now defunct). With a couple of breaks in-between, it has since been held in several venues around Khon Kaen, most of which sadly no longer exist. These are/were Cheap Charlie's (2008-09), Chilled Bar (2011-12), Chocolate Bar (2012), Steven & Scott Bar (2012), Number 1 Bar (2012-16), Mars Bar (2016-17), and Sunset Bar (2017-present)

Audio/Visual Features

  • Questions and Answers (Q&A) are read out via the venue's sound system for clarity and also appear on a large screen TV for clarification.
  • Picture Round: Colour copies available to browse throughout the quiz. Also displayed periodically on screen.
  • Q&A with pictorial content: Maps, flags, logos, photos, etc. are displayed on screen.
  • Q&A with audio content: Played on the venue's sound system.
  • Q&A with video content: Played on TV, with audio on the venue's sound system.
  • Scoreboard: After each round and at the end of the quiz, a scoreboard is displayed on screen.

Game Play

  • Arrive early. The Picture Round is available to view from 7.30pm onwards. The first round of questions begin at around 8.00pm.
  • The Quiz is played as a team game. Come with friends and make up your own team, or come alone and join a team.
  • Players pay ฿100 each to participate. Monies collected, after a small ฿200 deduction towards running costs and the snowball prize, become the prize fund which is awarded to the winning team(s).
  • If the prize fund is ฿1000 or less, the first placed team is awarded the entire amount. If the prize fund is greater than ฿1000, the first placed team is awarded two-thirds of the prize fund (rounded up to the nearest ฿100) and the second placed team is awarded the remainder of the prize fund.
  • There are four rounds of 12 questions plus the Picture Round. Up to 1 point is scored for each correctly answered question. Up to 60 points in total.
  • After each round, teams exchange answer sheets and mark each other's answers.
  • The Picture Round is available throughout the quiz and is the last round to be marked.
  • If, at the end of the quiz, a tiebreak exists for a prize winning place, a tiebreak question will decide the outcome. The nearest team to the correct answer will be awarded the higher placing.

Snowball Question

  • The Snowball Question is a single, unreasonably difficult one asked near the end of the quiz.
  • The Snowball Question is an individual game. On entering the quiz you will be given a slip of paper on which to answer the Snowball Question later in the game. It is additional to, and separate from, the main quiz and has no effect on the outcome of the main quiz.
  • Why "Snowball"? Each time a real snowball rolls over, it increases in size. The same applies to the Snowball Prize. If no-one answers the Snowball Question correctly, the prize rolls over to the following quiz and increases at the same time.
  • The Snowball Prize is accumulated from a small amount deducted each week from the funds collected for the main quiz.
  • If no-one answers the question correctly, the nearest person to it is awarded a free drink courtesy of the venue host. The Snowball Prize fund for the following quiz is then increased by ฿100.
  • If an individual answers the Snowball Question correctly they are awarded the Snowball Prize. The prize fund for the following quiz is then reset to ฿300.


  • Enjoy yourself and remember, it's only a game.
  • Beyond that, we tend to make the rules up as we go along, but it's a very friendly competition so there's no need for a mountain of bureaucracy. However, participants must recognise that the Quiz Master's decision will be final and any appeal or protest will be taken as feedback for future improvement without impeding the current contest.

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