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Sport & Leisure

50 randomly selected Sport & Leisure questions for quizmasters.

New random selection made weekly.  Next update: Monday 24th June 2024

(Please note: Questions are taken from our database of previous quizzes. Some questions and answers may be outdated.)

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1.Name the two athletes who famously collided during the women's 3,000m at the LA Olympics on this day, 10th August 1984.
2.In reference to an international sports organisation, what do the initials CGF stand for?
3.In sport, what measures 8 feet by 8 yards?
4.What sport was invented by Canadian James Naismith in December 1891?
5.What country hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972 and 1998?
6.Dump, floater and wipe are terms used in which team sport?
7.What country, participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals, is represented by the three-letter code MAR?
8.What early 20th century American baseball legend was nicknamed "The Georgia Peach"?
9.In a maximum break in snooker, what colour is potted the most?
10.What is the name of the NBA basketball team based in Houston, Texas?
11.Which heavyweight boxing champion was nicknamed Cinderella Man?
12.Who holds the Women's 100 and 200 metres world records, unbroken since 1988?
13.In 2014, Brazil will become only the second non-European country to have hosted the FIFA World Cup twice. Which other non-European country has hosted it twice?
14.Who, in 1986, became the first non-European professional cyclist to win the Tour de France?
15.What professional heavyweight boxer is nicknamed "The Bronze Bomber"?
16.First published in 2003, what sportsman's fictional autobiography was titled Every Second Counts?

17.What country is hosting the Ryder Cup for the first time this year?
18.Amid boos from the crowd, who won the men's 100 m final at the 2017 Athletics World Championships in London on Saturday?
19.In which sport do players take long and short corners?
20.Part of the current Formula One calendar, in what country is the Yas Marina Circuit?
21.The largest club-football ground in France, in what city is the Stade Vélodrome?
22.The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for what?
23.Claimed to be the greatest of all time, which motorcycle rider won a record 15 World Championship titles between 1966 and 1975?
24.What American boxing trainer, who died in 2012, trained a record 41 world champion fighters at the world famous Kronk Gym in Detroit?
25.Name the two British boxers facing criminal charges after a brawl during a news conference in Munich last weekend. (½ point for each)
26.What city is host to the Australian soccer club nicknamed The Roar?
27.In rugby union, the initiation of a scrum is verbally coordinated by the referee calling out what three words?
28.Which biennial sporting event was delayed for a year following the September 11 attacks in 2001?
29.What 18-a-side ball game is played on an oval pitch?
30.In tennis, what stadium hosts the annual French Open?
31.What country's Grand Prix was dropped from the 2021 F1 calendar this week in the wake of the arrest on corruption charges of a key official responsible for the race?
32.In horse racing, what racecourse in France hosts the annual Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe?

33.Who beat who in the final of the 2018 men's Rugby World Cup Sevens on Sunday?
34.What city hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games?
35.Who once held the world heavyweight boxing championship for a record 11 years, 8 months and 12 days?
36.In what country is the Buddh International Circuit, host of Formula 1 Grand Prix races between 2011 and 2013?
37.James Smith is an American former professional boxer who held the WBA heavyweight title from 1986 to 1987. By what nickname is he known?
38.What team has spent the most consecutive seasons in the top-flight of English football (1919-present)?
39.In International Rifle events, what 'P', 'S' and 'K' are used to describe the Three Positions?
40.Hosted in Athens, Greece, in what year were the first modern Summer Olympic Games held?
41.What is the only team to have won at least one gold medal at every Winter Olympic Games since 1924?
42.Opened in 1926, what is the name of, and in what city is, this iconic stadium?
43.In football, who won the Copa América final on Sunday?
44.What was the only Eastern Bloc country not to boycott the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles?
45.What horse won the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday?
46.What American tennis player was World No. 1 for an all time record eight years from 1952 to 1960?
47.What country is set to host the 2018 Winter Olympics?
48.Before moving to Los Angeles in 1958, the Dodgers were based in what city?
49.What American professional golfer is nicknamed The Scientist?
50.Defined in the rules in metres per second, in many track and field events, what is the maximum tailwind speed permitted for a result to be registered as a record?

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