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Quiz #220 - 27th May 2014Number 1 Bar & Restaurant

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Round 1

1.Food & Drink What is the French culinary term for food, usually vegetables, cut into long, thin strips?
 Julienne / Allumette
2.On This Day The McDonnell Douglas F-4 first flew on this day, 27th May, 1958. By what name was it more commonly known?

Phantom II

 Phantom II
3.Science & Nature What skin condition is known medically as pruritus?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)

  Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Little ChildrenBilly J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Little Children (1964)
5.Sport & Leisure What 'B' is a nickname for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500?
 The Brickyard
6.Geography The most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, what volcanic island group in the South Atlantic Ocean is named after the Portuguese explorer who discovered it in 1506?
 Tristan da Cunha
7.Anagram WE BARBARIZE HAM is an anagram of what capital city and the country it is capital of? (2 word answer)
 Harare, Zimbabwe
8.Logos What brand of pale lager has this as its logo?

Molson Canadian

 Molson Canadian
9.Music What 2005 song includes the line You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost?  (½ point each for Artist and Title)
  Daniel Powter - Bad DayDaniel Powter - Bad Day

10.History Which Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery in 1865?
11.Entertainment Michael Douglas plays a man driven mad by the frustrations of everyday life in what 1993 film?
 Falling Down
12.General Knowledge What type of furniture is a bonheur du jour?
  (Lady's) Writing Desk(Lady's) Writing Desk (French, bonheur-du-jour, meaning "daytime delight")

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Round 2

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a well known term or phrase.

Think twice about it

 Think twice about it (To think about it / Thinks about it)
2.Current Affairs Name the 22-year-old who killed six people in a drive-by rampage in Santa Barbara, California on Friday.
 Elliot Rodger
3.Science & Nature What gas is produced by photosynthesis?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)

  Kansas - Carry On Wayward SonKansas - Carry On Wayward Son (1976)
5.Sport & Leisure Who, in 1988, became the first boxer to win world titles in 5 different officially recognised weights?
  Sugar Ray LeonardSugar Ray Leonard
6.Geography The White Sea lies off the coast of what country?
7.Art & Literature In Oliver Twist, what is the name of Bill Sikes' dog?
 Bull's Eye
8.Flags What country on the coast of West Africa has this as its national flag?


9.Music Who sang the title track for the 1984 film Ghostbusters?
 Ray Parker, Jr.
10.History Which Englishman constructed the world's first full-scale working railway steam locomotive in 1803?
 Richard Trevithick
11.Entertainment Actor Tony Curtis famously said kissing who was "...like kissing Hitler"?
  Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
12.General Knowledge American businesswoman Sara Blakely became the world's youngest self-made female billionaire after founding what 'shapewear' business?

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Round 3

1.Food & Drink What 'L' describes a frothy South Asian drink made by blending yoghurt with water, salt and spices?
2.In This Year In this year: The "Velvet Divorce" divided Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia; an IRA bomb exploded in Warrington, England killing two children; and the Battle of Mogadishu, dubbed "Black Hawk Down", took place in Somalia. What year was it?  [If no correct answer, ½ point to the nearest team(s)]
3.Science & Nature What amphibious animal lives in a holt?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)

  Chris Isaak - Wicked GameChris Isaak - Wicked Game (1989)
5.Sport & Leisure Since the 1970s, who has held the record for winning the most men's major golf championships?
  Jack NicklausJack Nicklaus (18 wins between 1962 and 1986)
6.Entertainment Ian McKellen was Oscar-nominated for playing the role of troubled film director James Whale in what 1998 film?
  Gods and MonstersGods and Monsters
7.Anagram TAMPON TIRED JOURNAL is an anagram of what professional tennis player?
  Juan Martín del PotroJuan Martín del Potro
8.Geography Independent from New Zealand since 1962, what island nation is this?


9.Music Up until his death in in August 1995, Jerry Garcia was lead guitarist for which American rock band formed in 1965?
 Grateful Dead
10.History In what decade did brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald open their first restaurant in San Bernardino, California?
 1940s (15th May 1940)
11.Entertainment First aired from 1997 until 2003, name this TV series.

  Buffy the Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer
12.General Knowledge What type of lawnmower was invented by Karl Dahlman in 1964?
 Flymo / Hover mower

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Round 4

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a well known term or phrase.

It doesn't add up

 It doesn't add up
2.Current Affairs In the European Parliament elections this week, the EPP finished with the most seats. What does EPP stand for?
  European People's PartyEuropean People's Party
3.Science & Nature In computer terminology, what does LAN stand for?
 Local area network
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)

  The Corrs - BreathlessThe Corrs - Breathless (2000)
5.Sport & Leisure Which NFL football team play at the Soldier Field?
 Chicago Bears
6.Geography What Canadian province is known by the abbreviation PEI?
 Prince Edward Island
7.Art & Literature In the final act of the William Shakespeare tragedy, who kills and beheads Macbeth?
 Macduff (Lord Macduff, the Thane of Fife)
8.Landmarks In the shadow of Popocatépetl, an active volcano, what city is this?

Mexico City

 Mexico City
9.Music What song title is shared by hits for The Four Seasons in 1962 and Fergie in 2007?
  Big Girls Don't CryBig Girls Don't Cry
10.History Discovered by the French in 1799, what is the name of the stone slab that became the key for deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?
  Rosetta StoneRosetta Stone
11.Entertainment Kyle MacLachlan played Special Agent Dale Cooper in what cult TV series?
 Twin Peaks
12.Sudoku Solve this Sudoku puzzle to reveal the 3 digit figure highlighted.



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Picture Round

Picture Round 27th May 2014

1. Kenny Chesney 2. Ronald Reagan 3. Giorgio Armani 4. Sean Connery
5. Tiger Woods 6. Eddy Merckx 7. Jenson Button 8. Boris Johnson
9. Emily Watson 10. Courtney Love 11. Lynda Carter 12. Kristen Bell

Snowball Question

Snowball QuestionTomas Lundman of Sweden holds the world record for the longest time heading a football without it dropping. What is his record time, in minutes?
512 (8 hr 32 min 3 sec)


 Team Name R1 R2 R3 R4 P Total
Bugadifino 9 41¼
Fad Suckers 7 6 9 36
Missilanus 6 6 28¼

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