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Quiz #367 - 1st August 2017Sunset Bar

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Round 1

1.Food & Drink If you ordered Kartoffelsalat in a German restaurant, what would you be served?
2.On This Day Renamed the Democratic Republic of the Congo on this day, 1st August 1960; from 1908, by what name was it previously known?
3.Science & Nature What is the collective noun for a group of crows?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure For what two NBA teams did Michael Jordan play?  (½ point for each)
6.Geography Through what major city does the Parramatta River flow?
7.Anagram CLAIM MUCH CASH HERE is an anagram of what retired racing driver?

8.Logos What beverage brand is represented by this logo?

Round 1 Question 8

9.Music You Know I'm No Good, Back to Black, and Tears Dry on Their Own were hits in 2007 for what artist?
10.History The 1939 signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is often cited as humanity's darkest hour. What two nations signed it?  (½ point for each)
11.Entertainment Who plays Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 Facebook biography film The Social Network?
12.Thailand The 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet, what is used to represent this letter?

Round 1 Question 12

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Round 2

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a well known term or phrase.

Round 2 Question 1

2.Current Affairs Who did U.S. President Donald Trump announce on Friday as the new White House Chief of Staff, replacing Reince Priebus?
3.Science & Nature What 'A' describes the study of human biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure What British Association Football Club play their home games at Liberty Stadium?
6.Geography Into what body of water does the Rhine flow?
7.Art & Literature In what century did Leonardo da Vinci paint The Last Supper?

Round 2 Question 7

8.Flags What country has this as its national flag?

Round 2 Question 8

9.Music Released in 1983, Love is a Battlefield was a million-selling gold hit for what singer?
10.History Between 84 and 44 BC who had three wives; Cornelia, Pompeia, and Calpurnia?
11.Entertainment Who plays Nurse Ratched in the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
12.Add/Deduct a Letter Nearest to the cupboard.
Answer with two words. The first part of the sentence is a clue to a seven letter word. Deduct one letter from that word to give the answer to the second part of the sentence.

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Round 3

1.Food & Drink In Norwegian, they are "Piff! Paff! Puff!"; in German, "Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!"; in Afrikaans, "Knap! Knetter! Knak!", and in Spanish, "Pim! Pum! Pam!". What are they in English?
2.In This Year In this year: Concorde made its first commercial flight; James Callaghan replaced Harold Wilson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; and at least 46 were killed in the Thammasat University massacre in Bangkok. What year was it?  [If no correct answer, ½ point to the nearest team(s)]
3.Science & Nature What 'A' secrete honeydew as they feed on plant sap?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure Anthony Joshua, Denis Lebedev, and Andre Ward are all current champions in what sport?
6.Entertainment Who plays the title role in the 1998 film The Horse Whisperer?
7.Art & Literature What 19th century American author wrote a series of humorous travel letters under the pen name Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass?
8.Maps What country in Western Asia is this?

Round 3 Question 8

9.Music The title of what 1979 ABBA hit is a Spanish term of endearment for a woman, meaning "little one"?
10.Anagram ODD IN MANNERS is an anagram of what retired professional basketball player?

11.Entertainment In what city is the 1988 film Die Hard set?

Round 3 Question 11

12.Sudoku Solve this Sudoku puzzle to reveal the 3 digit figure highlighted.


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Round 4

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal the surname of a well known historical figure.

Round 4 Question 1

2.Current Affairs Making headlines all over the world in recent months, what was the name of the 11 month old boy who died in London this week having suffered with a rare genetic condition known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome?
3.Science & Nature First entering service in July 2015, what name is given to the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth multi-role fighter?

Round 4 Question 3

4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure What nationality is professional golfer Jason Day?

Round 4 Question 5

6.Geography What large Californian city shares its name with the capital of Costa Rica?
7.Art & Literature Starring in a series of French children's books by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff, what is the name of this elephant?

Round 4 Question 7

8.Landmarks Across the border from Hong Kong, in what Chinese city would you find the Shun Hing Square skyscraper, also known as "Di Wang Tower"?

Round 4 Question 8

9.Music What Memphis record label was the first to record Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis in the 1950s?
10.History A series of widespread but unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front, in what year was the famous Christmas truce of World War I?

Round 4 Question 10

11.Entertainment What long running TV series is set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island?
12.Science & Nature In mathematics, the integer below the line of a fraction is called the denominator. What is the integer above the line called?

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Picture Round

Picture Round 1st August 2017

Snowball Question

Snowball QuestionIn a promotion in Thailand for Minute Maid Pulpy in August 2016, Coca Cola broke the world record for the Most People Opening Bottles in a Relay. How many people?


 Team Name R1 R2 R3 R4 P Total
Drunken Layabouts 7 8 5 39
Aliens 8 8 38½
Cunny Funts 6 33¼

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