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Quiz #461 - 6th August 2019Sunset Bar

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Round 1

1.Food & Drink According to an International Bartenders Association recipe, what two sauces are added to vodka, tomato juice and lemon juice to make a Bloody Mary?  (½ point for each)
2.On This Day Made available to the public on this day, 6th August 1991, who invented the World Wide Web?
3.Science & Nature By what common name is acetylsalicylic acid known?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure Fred Morrison was awarded a U.S. Design Patent in 1958 for his "Pluto Platter". By what name has it since become most commonly known?
6.Geography What is the largest city in the U.S. region of New England?
7.Anagram NOW OF GENITAL PRAISE is an anagram of what world famous landmark?

8.Logos What brand of beauty and health care products is represented by this logo?

Round 1 Question 8

9.Music Whose hits in the 2010s include Stressed Out, Ride, and Heathens?
10.History In what British city did the Peterloo Massacre take place on 16th August 1819?
11.Entertainment Who plays the title role in the Academy Award winning 1969 musical film Hello, Dolly!?
12.General Knowledge What is the missing number?

Round 1 Question 12

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Round 2

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a 12-letter word.

Round 2 Question 1

2.Current Affairs This weekend, 30 people were killed and 53 others injured during separate mass shootings in what two U.S. cities?  (½ point for each)
3.Science & Nature What 8-letter word can be spelt using the chemical symbols for lithium, iron, sulphur, protactinium, and nitrogen?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure What is the face value of a letter K in English-language editions of Scrabble?
6.Geography The Hindu Kush is an 800-kilometre-long mountain range primarily located in what country?
7.Art & Literature Gaining international fame as Lawrence of Arabia, what were the first names of archaeologist, army officer, diplomat, and writer T. E. Lawrence?  (½ point for each)

Round 2 Question 7

8.Flags What country in in West Africa has this as its national flag?

Round 2 Question 8

9.Music Complete these song lyrics: "Baby, you're the one. You still turn me on. You can ___ ___ ___ ___."  (¼ point for each)

10.History Who took office on 14th September 1901 as the youngest ever U.S. President, aged 42 years, 322 days?
11.Entertainment Nancy Cartwright is an American actress best known as the voice of who?
12.Add/Deduct a Letter A friendly association for frolicking.
Answer with two words. The first part of the sentence is a clue to an eight letter word. Add one letter to that word to give the answer to the second part of the sentence.

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Round 3

1.Food & Drink With what vegetable is a savoury Florentine dish prepared?
2.In This Year Kevin Costner, Jeff Daniels, Billy Idol, Penn Jillette, Brendan O'Carroll, and Bruce Willis were all born in what year?  [If no correct answer, ½ point to the nearest team(s)]

Round 3 Question 2

3.Science & Nature What 'D' describes ethyl alcohol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting, foul-smelling, or nauseating to discourage recreational consumption?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure Who was suspended from his national team for three months and fined US$50,000 this week for criticizing the South American Football Confederation?
6.Entertainment Who is actress Melanie Griffith's mother?
7.Art & Literature What 'O' describes the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes?
8.Maps What U.S. state is this?

Round 3 Question 8

9.Music Who sang about a "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" in 1972?
10.Anagram WIN MELON SHAG is an anagram of what female 12-letter word?

11.Entertainment I was born in 1917, crowned Miss Hungary in 1936, and emigrated to the United States in 1941 where, through my acting career, I became a household name. I died at the age of 99 in 2016. What is my name?
12.Sudoku Solve this Sudoku puzzle to reveal the 3 digit figure highlighted.


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Round 4

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a well known term or phrase.

Round 4 Question 1

2.Current Affairs What iconic Belfast company went into administration yesterday, likely to cease trading after 158 years?
3.Science & Nature At more than 11 inches in diameter, what creature has the largest eyes documented in the animal kingdom?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Sport & Leisure Under IAAF rules, what is 2kg for men and 1kg for women?
6.Geography What three countries border Luxembourg?  (1pt for 3, ½pt for 2, ¼pt for 1)
7.Art & Literature First published in 1936, who wrote the American Civil War-era novel Gone with the Wind?
8.Landmarks This impressive landmark is often called White Heron Castle. In what country is it?

Round 4 Question 8

9.Music Complete these song lyrics: "Now the only thing a gambler needs. Is a ___ and a ___."  (½ point for each)

10.History Who took office on 19th December 1783 as the youngest ever British Prime Minister, aged 24 years, 205 days?
11.Entertainment What 2011 film stars Bradley Cooper as Edward Morra, a struggling writer who is introduced to a nootropic drug called NZT-48, which gives him the ability to fully utilise his brain and vastly improve his lifestyle?

Round 4 Question 11

12.Ditloids Replace these initials with words to make a true statement: 3 H in a B B.

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Picture Round

Picture Round 6th August 2019

Snowball Question

Snowball QuestionGabriele Reinsch of East Germany has held the women's discus throw world record since July 1988. In feet, what was her record-breaking throw?


 Team Name R1 R2 R3 R4 P Total
Aliens 8 8 8 7 39½
Drunken Layabouts 9 8 6 39¼
I Do Like Spinach 8 35¼
Cunny Funts 8 8 34½

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