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Quiz #574 - 19th January 2023Sunset Bar

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Round 1

1.Food & Drink What type of food are chicken of the woods and chicken of the gravel?
2.On This Day Arrested in Bolivia on this day, 19th January 1983, what Nazi war criminal was nicknamed the "Butcher of Lyon"?
3.Anagram TRULY ROUGH-VOICED SEXISM is an anagram of what English band and the title of a song they released in 1975?  (½ point each for Artist and Title)

4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.History Frank Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John Anglin have not been seen since June 1962. For what are they famous?
6.Geography What US state is nicknamed the Ocean State?
7.Science & Nature How many eyes do most spiders have?
8.Logos What film and television production company is represented by this logo?

Round 1 Question 8

9.Music Tim Bergling was a Swedish DJ and record producer who took his own life in 2018. His most successful singles were Wake Me Up and Hey Brother, released under what name?
10.Sport & Leisure Who is the most-decorated Olympian of all time, with a total haul of 28 medals, including 23 golds, of which a record 8 golds were won in a single Games?
11.Entertainment On film and TV, what character links Anthony Perkins, Vince Vaughn, and Freddie Highmore?
12.Brainteaser On each row, place a three letter word that can be attached to the end of the word to the left, and to the beginning of the word to the right, to give a longer word in each case. When completed, the initial letters of the three letter words will give another word reading downwards. What is it?
AM _ _ _ LESS
PLUM _ _ _ HOD

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Round 2

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a well-known term or phrase.

Round 2 Question 1

2.Current Affairs What airline operated Flight 691, the plane that crashed in Nepal on Sunday?

Round 2 Question 2

3.Art & Literature In George Orwell's Animal Farm, what type of animal are Clover, Mollie, and Boxer?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.History Drug lord Joaquín Guzmán escaped from a prison in Mexico through a mile-long tunnel in 2015, but was recaptured six months later and sentenced to life in prison in the United States. By what nickname is he best known?
6.Geography In what country might you see this road sign?

Round 2 Question 6

7.Science & Nature Sound waves with a frequency below the lower limit of human audibility are called ____sound (fill in the blank.)
8.Flags What Central American country has this as its national flag?

Round 2 Question 8

9.Music A parody of Michael Jackson's Beat It, who said Eat It in 1984?
10.Sport & Leisure Who is the youngest player in FIFA World Cup history to score a hat-trick (17 years, 244 days) and also the youngest to play in a World Cup final (17 years, 249 days)?
11.Entertainment What 2001 film stars Julie Andrews as Clarisse Renaldi, and Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis?
12.Thailand What is the name of this archipelago?

Round 2 Question 12

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Round 3

1.Food & Drink Named after a town in Switzerland, what 'G' describes this hard yellow cheese?

Round 3 Question 1

2.In This Year Noel Gallagher, Rhys Ifans, Guy Pierce, Liev Schreiber, Keith Urban, and Emily Watson were all born in what year?  [If no correct answer, ½ point to the nearest team(s)]

Round 3 Question 2

3.Art & Literature First published in 1968, The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a short children's story, written and illustrated by who?

Round 3 Question 3

4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Anagram NOT MILF MANIA is an anagram of what festering 12-letter word?

6.Entertainment In the 2021 James Bond film No Time To Die, who plays the facially disfigured terrorist and scientist Lyutsifer Safin?
7.Science & Nature What process is being described in this equation?
CO2 + H2O + photons → [CH2O] + O2
8.Maps What Central African country is this?

Round 3 Question 8

9.Music Complete this opening line of Lola by The Kinks: "I met her in a club down in old ____"
10.Sport & Leisure What successful NBA coach published his 8th book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success in 2013, a reference to the 11 championship wins he led between 1990 and 2001?
11.Entertainment Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey are among the characters in what long-running TV series?
12.Sudoku Solve this Sudoku puzzle to reveal the 3 digit figure highlighted.


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Round 4

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a 7-letter word.

Round 4 Question 1

2.On This Day The first commercial personal computer from Apple to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse was released on this day, 19th January 1983. What four-letter name was it given?

Round 4 Question 2

3.Art & Literature What is the name of this contemporary sculpture by Antony Gormley, located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England?

Round 4 Question 3

4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.History Elected president in 1986, who restored democratic rule to the Philippines after the long dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos?
6.Geography What is the capital of Uganda?
7.Science & Nature What is the official name for the Northern Lights?
8.Landmarks What U.S. city is this?

Round 4 Question 8

9.Music "Some folks are born made to wave the flag. Hoo, they're red, white and blue. And when the band plays "Hail to the chief". Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord". Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)
10.Sport & Leisure With 23 victories, Serena Williams has the most singles Grand Slam wins in the Open Era of tennis. Whose previous Open Era record of 22 did she surpass in 2017?
11.Entertainment Beneath the placid facade of Canberra, amidst rising tension between China and America, senior political journalist Harriet Dunkley uncovers a ____ ____ of interlocked conspiracies, putting innocent lives in danger including her own. First streamed in 2016, fill in the blanks with the name of this TV series.
12.Ditloids Replace these initials with words to reveal a song title: T N H a 1000 E

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Picture Round

Picture Round 19th January 2023

Snowball Question

Snowball QuestionUsing the route indicated, what is the road distance, in miles, from Seattle, Washington to Providence, Rhode Island?


 Team Name R1 R2 R3 R4 P Total
Drunken Layabouts 8 6 10½ 42½
Smile Bar 8 6 8 38
Quiz Nakhon 6 5 5 30¼
Charlatans 4 9 4 28
Sanyo Smart Cool 5 6 4 27

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