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Quiz #582 - 23rd March 2023Sunset Bar

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Round 1

1.Food & Drink What type of pastry is used to make baklava?
2.On This Day Breaking up in the atmosphere before falling into the southern Pacific Ocean near Fiji, what was the name of the Russian space station disposed of on this day, 23rd March 2001?

Round 1 Question 2

3.Anagram LIVED CRAP IF DOPED is an anagram of what classic 1850 book title?

4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.History What name is given to the 1803 acquisition by the United States of 530 million acres of land from France for $15 million?
6.Geography Nouméa is the capital of what French territory?
7.Science & Nature Twenty times as wide as the asteroid belt, what name is given to the circumstellar disc of objects beyond the orbit of Neptune?

Round 1 Question 7

8.Logos What Southeast Asian conglomerate is represented by this logo?

Round 1 Question 8

9.Music Castle on the Hill (2017), Galway Girl (2017), and Bad Habits (2021) are among the many songs by who?
10.Sport & Leisure Who won a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics, revolutionising the high jump event with a "back-first" technique now named after him?
11.Entertainment Who star as Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis in the 1990 film Pretty Woman?  (½ point for each)
12.General Knowledge What is the official national animal of Scotland?

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Round 2

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a well-known term or phrase.

Round 2 Question 1

2.Current Affairs What bank announced its intention to acquire its competitor Credit Suisse in a government-brokered deal this week?
3.Art & Literature What Shakespeare comedy consists of five interconnecting plots, connected by a celebration of the wedding of Duke Theseus of Athens and the Amazon queen, Hippolyta, which are set simultaneously in the woodland and in the realm of Fairyland, under the light of the moon?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.On This Day On this day, 23rd March 1839, a massive earthquake destroyed the former capital Inwa of the Konbaung dynasty, in what present-day country?
6.Geography The Charles River flows through what U.S. state capital city?
7.Science & Nature What 6-letter word can be spelt using the chemical symbols for gallium, antimony, and silver?
8.Flags What country has this as its national flag?

Round 2 Question 8

9.Music Gwen Stefani, Adrian Young, Tony Kanal, and Tom Dumont comprise what band, formed in 1986?
10.Sport & Leisure Who beat who in the final of the 2023 World Baseball Classic on Tuesday?  (½ point for each)
11.Entertainment After a highly contagious, aggression-inducing virus called "Rage" spreads throughout the UK, society has collapsed and a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. Name that 2002 film.
12.Thailand Don ดอน and Leh เล are the two largest islands of what archipelago?

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Round 3

1.Food & Drink What 'G' is a mixed drink similar to a martini, but garnishing with an onion instead of an olive?

Round 3 Question 1

2.In This Year Christian Bale, Elizabeth Banks, Alyson Hannigan, Kate Moss, Ryan Phillippe, and Joaquin Phoenix were all born in what year?  [If no correct answer, ½ point to the nearest team(s)]

Round 3 Question 2

3.Art & Literature In which book of the Bible does Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt?
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.Anagram TEASED MINGER is an anagram of what conflicting 12-letter word?

Round 3 Question 5

6.Entertainment First aired in Australia from 2010 to 2017, what TV series is centred on 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman and her family and friends as they navigate the chaos of modern life?
7.Science & Nature In aerodynamics, a hypersonic speed is one that exceeds ___ times the speed of sound. (fill in the blank)
8.Maps Consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands, what is the name of this island nation?

Round 3 Question 8

9.Music Covered by Jimmy Cliff for the soundtrack of Cool Runnings in 1993, who originally wrote and recorded I Can See Clearly Now in the early 70s?

Round 3 Question 9

10.On This Day In England, The Football League, the world's oldest professional association football league, met for the first time on this day, 23rd March, in what year?  [If no correct answer, ½ point to the nearest team(s)]
11.Entertainment What 1985 film features a high school dance themed Enchantment Under the Sea?
12.Sudoku Solve this Sudoku puzzle to reveal the 3 digit figure highlighted.


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Round 4

1.Dingbats Solve this dingbat to reveal a 9-letter word.

Round 4 Question 1

2.On This Day On this day, 23rd March 2019, what capital city was renamed Nur-Sultan, only to have its name restored again in September 2022?
3.Art & Literature Complete the title of this 1967 novel by Gabriel García Márquez: One Hundred Years of ____.
4.Name That Tune Name that tune.  (½ point each for Artist and Title)


5.History Who was the last German emperor (Kaiser) and king of Prussia from 15th June 1888 until his abdication on 9th November 1918?
6.Geography What is the smallest country by area on mainland Africa?
7.Science & Nature In 1896, Henri Becquerel became the first person to discover evidence of what?

Round 4 Question 7

8.Landmarks Atop what world famous building is this, the Statue of Freedom?

Round 4 Question 8

9.Music Nancy Barbato, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow, and Barbara Marx, the latter until his death in 1998, were all married to what singer?
10.Sport & Leisure In rugby union on Saturday, who completed a Triple Crown and Grand Slam victory in the Six Nations Championship?
11.Entertainment First aired from 1977 to 1984, the enigmatic Mr. Roarke makes the secret dreams of his lucky guests come true in what American TV series?
12.Ditloids Replace these initials with words to make a true statement: 2 S and 2 S of P on a T B

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Picture Round

Picture Round 23rd March 2023

Snowball Question

Snowball QuestionEverything Everywhere All at Once is now the most awarded film of all time. How many million US dollars has it grossed at the box office worldwide to date?


 Team Name R1 R2 R3 R4 P Total
Drunken Layabouts 9 6 9 8 40¼
Smile Bar 9 6 34¾
Aliens 7 7 7 32
ANZUS 5 2 29¾

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