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General Knowledge

50 randomly selected General Knowledge questions for quizmasters.

New random selection made weekly.  Next update: Monday 4th December 2023

(Please note: Questions are taken from our database of previous quizzes. Some questions and answers may be outdated.)

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1.What single word can describe a group of native Americans, a large Pacific salmon, or a type of helicopter?
2.Name any four of the eight EU member countries who do not use the Euro as their currency.
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden
3.What 'P' describes a sentence that makes use of all the letters of the alphabet?
Pangram (Greek: παν γράμμα, pan gramma, "every letter")
4.In Roman numerals, what does the letter 'L' represent?
5.Established in May 1960 by Norway and Switzerland to establish a common market between themselves and EU countries, what does the acronym EFTA stand for?
European Free Trade Association (since joined by Iceland and Liechtenstein)
6.What is the meaning of the Latin phrase, Caveat emptor?
Let the buyer beware
7.What 'L' describes a fabric made by interweaving silk or other yarn with metallic threads?
8.Which country's official currency was the kroon before it adopted the Euro in January 2011?
9.What percentage of gold does 18 carat gold contain?
75% (18/24)
10.Who is the reigning Queen of Denmark?
Margrethe II
11.What popular game features a character named "Boddy" in North America and "Black" in most other English speaking countries?
Clue / Cluedo
12."Famous Potatoes" is the slogan on vehicle license plates issued in what U.S. state?
13.What letter comes next in this sequence?
Z, X, C, V, B, N, _?
M (bottom row of an English language keyboard)
14.To the nearest whole number, how many grams are there in an avoirdupois ounce?
28 (28.3495231 grams - a troy ounce is 31.1034768 grams)
15.What famous couple nickname themselves Fred and Gladys?
Prince Charles and Camilla
16.Of what country is TAP the flag-carrying airline?

17.In Greek mythology, who beheaded Medusa, the snake-haired Gorgon, and used her head as a weapon?
18.What number on the Beaufort Scale represents Hurricane Force conditions?
19.Still often referred to by her maiden name, Kate Middleton, since her marriage to Prince William, her official title has been Catherine, Duchess of ________? (fill in the blank)
20.Of which country is Avianca the flag-carrying airline?
Colombia (Aerovías Nacionales de Colombia S.A.)
21.In Greek mythology, who is described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair?
22.What letter is represented by a single dot in Morse code?
23.In a standard game of Monopoly, what is the sum of the number of Community Chest squares on the board, plus the number of dice used, plus the amount for passing Go, plus the number of Utility squares, plus the number of Railway squares.
211 (3+2+200+2+4)
24.In the United States, what is the female equivalent of a fraternity?
25.Giuseppe is the Italian equivalent of what English boy's name?
26.What 'K' describes a sailing craft with two masts, the forward mast being larger than the aft mast?
27.What West African country is the world's largest producer of cocoa?
Ivory Coast
28.Translating into English as "our thing", what is the Italian term for the Mafia?
Cosa Nostra
29.JVC first launched the VHS format in September 1976. What does VHS stand for?
Video Home System
30.What does a graphologist study?
31.What comes next in the following sequence: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, ______?
Green (Olympic rings)
32.What is the birth surname of Pope Francis?
Bergoglio (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

33.How many different letters are used in the modern system of Roman numerals?
7 (I V X L D C M)
34.With how many checkers does each player start a game of backgammon?
35.What 'O' is Australian slang for a rough and uncultivated Aussie male?
36.What was the original name of Ralph Lauren's clothing brand?
37.In draughts or checkers, what name is given to a promoted piece, marked by placing an additional piece on top of the first man, that can move backwards or forwards?
King (the act of placing one piece on another is called "crowning" the king)
38.According to Forbes Billionaires 2018, published on 6th March 2018, with an estimated worth of $112 billion, who is the richest person in the world?
Jeff Bezos (founder, chairman, and CEO of Amazon)
39.In Greek mythology, who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool, staring at it until he died?
40.What former U.S. president's birth name was William Jefferson Blythe III?
Bill Clinton (he adopted his stepfather's surname at the age of 15)
41.What do the initials DB stand for in Aston Martin car models?
David Brown (former company owner)
42.In the card game Baccarat, what is the highest total a hand can have?
43.Which letter of the Greek alphabet is this?
44.In skin products, what does the abbreviation SPF stand for?
Sun Protection Factor
45.For which country was Sabena the national airline before becoming bankrupt in November 2001?
46.In U.S. law enforcement, what does SWAT stand for?
Special Weapons and Tactics
47.What was Germany's Red Army Faction commonly known as, named after its two founders?
Baader-Meinhof Group (Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof.)
48.If you ask for directions in South Africa you may be told to "turn right at the robot". What is a 'robot'?
Traffic lights (a contraction for the words 'robot policemen')
49.What does the 'V' in R.S.V.P. stand for?
Vous (Répondez s'il vous plaît)
50.Hun Sen has served as Prime Minister of what country since 1985?

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